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The Canopia plastic garden shed is one of the new range from CANOPIA – PALRAM, a global supplier of quality green houses and storage solutions. The CANOPIA – PALRAM sheds are manufactured from extremely tough polycarbonate plastic which ensures that they are virtually unbreakable.

The CANOPIA – PALRAM SKYLIGHT sheds are reinforced with aluminium and galvanised steel frame components for increased durability and rigidity. Good access is provided with the lockable double doors and an access ramp makes moving lawnmowers and wheelbarrows easy. Assembly is straightforward and requires only commonly used household tools.

Benefits of Buying a PARAM Canopia Skylight Plastic Shed


Expertly constructed from high-impact polycarbonate panels, Skylight sheds are virtually unbreakable. Add on the fact that the panels are supported by reinforced, rust-resistant, galvanised aluminium framing and you’ve got a very strong shed indeed.


Not only are Palram Canopia plastic sheds tough, they’re extremely durable too. Buying one is not a short-term outdoor storage solution but a long-term investment in your garden, as evidenced by the excellent 10-year warranty supplied with all of them.


Stylish garden sheds without the need to worry about them fading or discolouring in the sun because the polycarbonate panels are 100% UV protected, so will maintain their good looks for many years to come.

Maintenance Free

These plastic sheds will neither rust nor rot, so there’s no need to spend time and money retreating them. All that’s required is the occasional wipe down with soapy water to keep them looking pristine.

Weather Resistant

Palram Canopia plastic sheds are completely weather resistant. Once you’ve got the shed anchored to the ground (anchor kit included as standard), the wind can blow all it likes, your new plastic shed will be going absolutely nowhere.

Tough, Non-Slip Flooring

A Palram Canopia Skylight shed floor is made from non-slip polycarbonate. This not only means it will easily accommodate your tools, bikes and garden furniture, it ensures you’ll have no problems safely storing and accessing them too.

Unique Shed Roof

As polycarbonate is a tough material, it’s great for shed roofs. However, what sets a Palram Canopia Skylight shed apart from the competition is – you’ve guessed it – the skylight roof panels!

These polycarbonate panels allow plenty of natural light to filter into the shed but are externally opaque, so there’s no need to worry about your brand-new bikes attracting unwanted attention.

SHEDMASTER UK INSTALLS ALL OF THE PALRAM CANOPIA SHEDS see below some installations of these beautiful sheds.

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