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Why choose a metal garden shed?

Why choose a metal garden shed?

A shed is a pretty important part of most gardens. It is where the lawnmowers and garden tools are kept, perhaps the outdoor furniture throughout the winter, and things like paint and DIY bits and pieces that we need but don’t want to keep in the house.

A shed has to be several things; it has to be weatherproof – not letting in dampness and rain and not have the roof blowing off at the first sign of a gust of wind. It needs to be secure – gardening tools and equipment can be very expensive. It needs to look good as well – no one wants something that looks scruffy in their garden, even if it is a purely functional item.

When we think of sheds, we all generally think of traditional wooden sheds, and while these have their place still, metal sheds are where it is at nowadays. They tick all of the above requirements and more.

What are the advantages of a metal shed?

Metal sheds are usually more cost-effective
Many people are surprised by this, having always thought that in a metal vs wood showdown, wood would be the less expensive option. However, that is not always the case. Usually, you can get a metal shed for less than the cost of a wooden shed of the same size.

Metal sheds are more durable
Metal is naturally a more durable material than wood, making it the best choice for an outdoor shed. They are lightweight but solid. In a country where we often get battered by high winds and rain, you can rest assured that your metal shed is not going to be blown down or fall apart when adverse weather hits! It is also perfectly able to withstand fluctuations in temperature – whether it is icy cold or scorching hot, your metal shed will stand up to it. This means it can be placed in even the most exposed area of your garden without worry. Most metal sheds are galvanized or vinyl coated, meaning that you can expect them to last for at least ten years, if not longer. You also do not have to worry about wood rot or termites.

Metal sheds require very little maintenance
When you choose a metal garden shed, you can expect to spend even less time and money on repairs, if not none at all. The galvanised coating underneath the metal protects it from the elements and prevents rust from forming. This protective layer also decreases the impact of corrosion on steel sheds. You may want to repaint your metal shed every five years or so to keep it looking smart. However, if you do not want to do that, a quick hose down to keep it clean every so often is about the extent of taking care of it.

Metal sheds are easy to put together
Steel storage sheds are also much easier to assemble than wooden ones due to their lighter weight per box. To put it all together, you do not need a degree in engineering or building All you have to do now is build your metal shed by following the instructions on the instruction leaflet. Most of the time, all of the tools you will need to put your metal garden shed together are included in the package, so there is no need to do any prep work or pay extra for additional fittings.

Metal sheds are easy to move around
Metal sheds are usually shipped in lightweight packages, making them easier to fit through normal doorways. They are usually delivered flat-packed, making them easy to manoeuvre around the house or in small gardens. This is ideal if you want to rearrange your garden or take it with you if you move house. This also means you can move an entire shed by yourself, which means less work when the time comes.

You do not always need foundations for a metal shed
Steel sheds also have the advantage of not requiring foundations in the majority of cases. This is great news if you are wondering what type of shed to opt for, as foundations are costly to build and get sorted, and they take a long time to complete.
Professionals are normally needed to build foundations. Any flat surface can be used to build these sheds making it a simple and quick process for even the most novice of DIY-ers.
All you have to do is find a flat patch of ground with a spirit level, then assemble upwards as per the instructions. It is that easy. Some larger steel sheds can require foundations for support, as they require a strong, supportive base, but most small metal garden sheds will not need them.

Metal sheds are less of a fire hazard
When selecting a garden shed, keep in mind the potential for a fire hazard to your home. Metal is naturally fire-resistant and requires an exceptionally high temperature to melt. You need to be confident that whatever you have in your metal garden shed is safe at all times. When exposed to flames, wooden sheds are much more likely to burn down and plastic can deform and even melt.

Metal sheds are much more secure
Finally, and possibly most importantly, metal sheds are much more secure than a wooden garden shed. Even a strong wooden shed can be broken into with a bit of force, but it is near on impossible to break into a metal shed. Doors usually have reinforced locks and hinges to prevent any nefarious individuals from getting in.

These are just some of the advantages that a metal shed has over a wooden or even a plastic shed. In short, they are easier to put together, easier to look after, more secure and provide much more protection against the elements.

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