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Cost of Living UK – Cheap Metal Sheds

Cost of Living UK – Cheap Metal Sheds

With the high cost of living, many homeowners opt to construct a shed to store overflow items. A shed can serve as a lawn-and-garden catchall or be used as a separate office or she shed. The typical cost to build a metal shed is £250 to £25,000, and while that’s a pretty wide range, the national average is £2,000. The price range includes purchasing a small prefab shed and hiring an installer to erect a custom model.

Among the most significant factors in the cost difference are the type of materials chosen and the method used to build the shed.

The larger the shed, the more it will cost. A small 4-foot by 7-foot shed ranges from around £160 to £1,000, while a larger 12-foot by 16-foot shed runs about £1,000 to £10,000. It’s not just floor space that counts—consider height as well. A shed with a low roof will cost less than a shed with a higher roof.


The type of materials used in the construction of the shed plays a significant role in the ultimate cost to build a shed. For example, a small prefab vinyl shed could run as little as £300, while a metal shed ranges from £200 to £4,000. A shed built from wood costs between £1,000 and £15,000.

Cost Cutting Cheap Metal Sheds

OutSunny Metal Sheds provide quality and durability at a price that suits you. Secure and robust, the OutSunny Metal Shed is perfect for outdoor storage.

The OutSunny Metal Shed range is a high specification lightweight metal garden sheds. Outsunny Metal Sheds made from galvanised steel with exceptional storage space for your belongings at an affordable price.

The OutSunny Metal Sheds are ideal for cost conscious ‘consumers’ without compromising durability and space.

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