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Aluminium Metal Gates

Aluminium Metal Gates

Vertical Pedestrian Gate | Horizontal Pedestrian Gate

What is the thickness of the gates?

The thickness of garden gates is 45mm.

What is included with my gate?

Garden gates include:

2 x Heavy Duty Adjustable Wall Hinges

1 x Floor Mounted Hinge

1 x Gate Handle Set with Keys

1 x Lock Keep Receiver

Can the gates be hung left or right-handed?

Yes. The metal gates are universal, so there is no left- or right-handed gates.

You will need to turn the handle; lock keep receiver and latch 180 degrees to face the correct way. DO NOT unscrew locking mechanism to change latch 180 degrees, to turn latch the correct way please press release catch on the side of mechanism which will release latch.

Can I fit my own lock to the garden gate?

As standard with the garden gates you will be supplied with a handle set with keys. The locking barrel is a standard euro cylinder which could always be changed if required elsewhere.

Can I use two garden gates as pair?

No. If our largest 1200mm wide gate including posts would not fulfil your opening space the other option we could offer would be to customise a 3000mm driveway gate to suit.

How do I securely fix lock keep receiver onto aluminium post?

Lock keep receiver will be supplied with raw plugs and screws; you will only need to use the screws provided.

Do you provide an installation service or site survey for the gates?

No. We do not offer an installation service or site survey. However, our gates are designed to be fitted by our customers/installers with ease.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Please allow up to 1-2 weeks delivery on any standard gate orders and 2-3 weeks delivery on any custom gate orders. The delivery driver will be in contact with you 24 hours before delivery.

Our suppliers will do our best to meet any delivery date given or agreed, such dates are estimates and only given in good faith, we will not be liable in the event of the delivery period being exceeded or accelerated for any reason. However, we ensure to keep the customer informed and updated of any changes to delivery times by email.

Due to the fact our delivery schedules may change please do not proceed to book installers (if needed) until you have checked and received your goods.

How do I know the right size gate for my opening?

We have a detailed guide to help you measure correctly on each product page. Alternatively, you can send us a photo of your opening and we can confirm where to take measurements from.

Are aluminium gates environmentally friendly?

Yes! We are proud to say that all of our aluminium gates are made from 100% recyclable aluminium and comply with the latest sustainability guidelines.

How easy are aluminium gates to maintain?

With aluminium being generally maintenance free, all you need to do is wash occasionally with warm soapy water and a sponge, then rinse.

What is the floor mounted hinges used for?

Floor mounted hinges are required when using aluminium posts, as you are unable to fix wall mounted hinges at the bottom of the aluminium posts

How do I install the aluminium posts?

Aluminium posts can either be bolted down using the base plate into a solid surface or secured into the ground with concrete, the sizes we offer in posts are as follows:

Width sizes available – 100mm x 100mm or 150mm x 150mm.

Length sizes available – 2400mm or 3000mm.

Post Flange Base Size:

100mm x 100mm post = 130mm x 180mm

150mm x 150mm post = 180mm x 230mm

How do I install the gate hinges to aluminium posts?

When using aluminium posts, floor mounted hinges are required to be fitted for the bottom of gates as you are unable to fix wall mounted hinges at the bottom of aluminium posts. To fix the top hinges, as you have access to the top of the post so you will be able to tighten the nut and bolt fixing supplied.

What screws shall I use to enable a secure fixing to aluminium?

Self-tapping screws, also called sheet metal screws, are very versatile. They can be used to securely fasten metals together, including aluminium. They can also be used to efficiently fasten metal to other materials, such as wood or plastic.

How long will the aluminium gate(s) last?

The aluminium used for our gates is specially treated against rust and corrosion, and will not bend, warp, drop or twist. The colour will not fade or crack, the gates are maintenance free and will continue looking their best overtime. All our gates come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

If the size I need isn’t showing on the dropdown menu, can I have a custom size?

Yes, select custom gate size and enter the exact width size you require the gate to be. Please select the next size up from the custom width you have entered. Our gate heights come as standard and are not adjustable.

Do I need to purchase posts or can I use the existing posts I already have?

The minimum recommended width of posts is 100mm, if this is the width of your current posts then in most cases the answer is yes. As aluminium is a lightweight material our gates can be fixed onto wood, metal, brick or concrete posts, as long as they are structurally sound and aren’t suffering with any rot, crumbling or damage.

However, if you require posts we have 100mm and 150mm aluminium posts available which can be matched to your gate.

Posts are available in the following sizes:

100mm x 100mm x 2400mm (suitable for all Garden Gates or smaller sized Driveway Gates)

100mm x 100mm x 3000mm (suitable for all Garden Gates or smaller sized Driveway Gates)

150mm x 150mm x 2400mm (suitable for either Driveway or Garden Gates)

150mm x 150mm x 3000mm (suitable for either Driveway or Garden Gates)

On installation the posts can also be cut down to the required size. Complete the finished look with an Aluminium Post Cap.

How can I fill the extra space between the width I need and the width of the gate?

Depending on the size of the gap that needs to be filled, we suggest ordering the aluminium gate posts to help with this issue.

Do you supply aluminium fill panels or fencing?

No. Unfortunately we do not offer aluminium infill panels or fencing at this moment in time, however this is something we are working on for the future.

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