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It is so easily overlooked, but choosing the right shed can be a big decision especially since you’ll have to live with it for many years to come. There are many factors that can influence your decision, you may just want something that will fit in with your style of garden or house. You may also have particular specifications to fulfil, especially if the shed is to be used on a static-caravan park.

A metal garden shed is the answer to your garden storage problems if you are looking for a storage solution that is cost-effective, long lasting and low maintenance.

Unlike wooden sheds, a metal shed requires virtually no maintenance, it will not rot and is weatherproof, rodent proof, insect proof and fireproof.

Metal garden sheds are also more secure than their wooden counterparts – an important consideration if you have valuable items to store.

But there is a bewildering choice of metal sheds on the market so how can you be confident that you are making the right choice?

If you’ve already had a look around for a suitable metal garden shed you will know that prices vary widely although it’s not always obvious why.

If you want a heavy duty option then you’re best opting for a metal shed. Most of our metal sheds have padlock holes or concealed points for padlock, which ensure security. Since theft from the garden is on the rise, these sheds are ideal to protect valuable bikes or tools. In addition, metal sheds are effectively fire-retardant which make them ideal for use on a static caravan site.

You will need to keep an eye out for excessive condensation build-ups as this can lead to premature corrosion. Although, all of our range are made from galvanised steel and some have also been resin coated to prevent premature rusting.

Key Features to Look For in a Metal Garden Shed
Rustproof materials
Rust is the greatest enemy of any metal building and your metal garden shed won’t last long if it hasn’t been manufactured from rust proofed materials.

Whatever your budget, look for a shed made from either hot dipped galvanized steel or aluminium, and finished in a baked-on polyester enamel or a tough vinyl coating to further protect it from the elements.

Check also that all nuts, bolts, screws and other fixings are corrosion resistant.

Manufacturer’s guarantee
A good guide to the quality of materials used in each model is the length of the manufacturer’s guarantee. These typically run from 10 years to 15 years, and even, in some cases, 25 years!

This gives a good indication of the longevity you can expect from your shed. Of course many metal garden sheds will last a lot longer than this which compares very favourably with their wooden counterparts.

The framing
The majority of metal sheds are built around a galvanized steel frame (although some aluminium sheds are wood framed). The frame provides the skeleton of the shed and gives it its strength.

Models with heavy duty framing will be more robust, and, of course, more expensive.

Tip: If you live in an area subject to heavy snowfalls or high winds, look for a metal storage shed with a snow or wind load rating. Some manufacturers also supply optional strengthening or ‘storm’ kits for their sheds.

The walls or cladding
The walls are constructed from sheet metal panels attached to the outside of the frame. The thickness of these panels is a major factor in determining the resilience and durability of your metal shed. Thinner sheet materials are usually ribbed or corrugated to increase their strength and rigidity.

Typical thickness values run from 0.25mm, for a low cost budget shed suitable for storing general gardening odds and ends, to 1.2mm for a much more expensive top of the range security shed to house your expensive power tools and ride on mower.

Doors, locks and security
Your metal garden shed can have sliding doors or regular hinged doors. Some larger units may also have ‘up and over’ garage style doors

Which style you choose is a matter of personal preference but make sure that the opening is wide enough for you to get larger items in and out easily. If you choose hinged doors you will have to allow enough clearance for the doors to open fully.

Most metal sheds come with some sort of door locking mechanism but if you intend to store valuable items look for doors with at least a three point, or better still, a five point locking mechanism as these are much harder to break into.

Other high security features may include steel lock housings, reinforced doors and door surrounds, reinforced joints and integral steel floors. These add to the cost but may be worth it to keep your expensive equipment safe.

Condensation can be a problem with any metal shed so look for a model with some form of ventilation system that allows a decent airflow.

Optional extras
Some manufacturers supply a wide range of optional extras including access ramps (important if you are storing heavy equipment!), and integrated shelves and racking systems which allow you to easily fit out the interior of your shed to suit your exact requirements.


The OutSunny range of metal sheds are high specification metal sheds built to offer you superior garden storage with almost no maintenance. These lightweight metal garden sheds are made from high grade, hot dipped, galvanised steel and feature a grooved wall design for even greater strength.

With super features such as ventilated gables, robust ramp entry and padlock-able double sliding doors, these metal sheds are also built with safe, easy assembly in mind. With everything pre-cut and pre-drilled, and no sharp edges, you’ll have your new OutSunny shed up and ready before you know it.


Yardmaster delivers the best when it comes to high quality garden sheds.

From metal to woodgrain, we have a wide range of Yardmaster sheds . All Yardmaster sheds are conveniently designed with double sliding doors and can be easily self-assembled with free anchor fittings. The steel exterior makes them maintenance-free with no painting touch ups needed. These metal sheds are designed in a range of colour options from Cottage Green to silver steel. If you’d prefer all the benefits of steel with the wooden aesthetic, the woodgrain shed gives a clever wood effect finish in a dark brown paint.

Yardmaster metal sheds are a robust option for your garden, with roof beams for extra sturdiness and lockable doors for better security.


Duramax metal sheds can serve almost any purpose ranging from backyard storage, all the way up to a garage for your car. And they’re as durable and dependable as you’d expect from the Duramax brand.

The Duramax ECO Metal Series is an ideal metal shed for cost conscious “consumers” without compromising durability and space. These metal garden sheds come in different size configurations to accommodate additional needed storage space of any home. The combination of the Duramax design and engineering features, make the ECO metal sheds tops in the economical outdoor storage.


Absco Sheds is a wholly owned Australian company manufacturing a large range of steel products including Garden Sheds and Outdoor Structures. We are a proud supplier of Absco garden sheds, garages and more from Australia’s market leader in shed and outdoor shelter solutions. Made from Zincalume and Colorbond, Absco sheds are durable and are designed to save you plenty of space wherever you need them

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